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Woodland Diary - October, November and December

2 October

Beautiful, blustery day with an incredibly stinky odour across the fields!

9 October

It has been a week! I've been ill then away (Enchanted Forest) then sore (brain tumour 10k). I've missed it. Warm, damp, autumn day. Sound of crows and the train. The orange of dying bracken, the beeches crowned with gold.

10 October

It is warm, like a summer's day but with glorious autumn colour. Absolutely perfect. The forest smells of pine and funghi, the air is soft and still and the birds are singing. Beautiful.

11 October

Dull and still and misty. The autumn leaves are almost glowing.

14 October

2 days of downpour but dry today (if dull and cool). I'm so tired. Am I still a anaemic? Can. I be anaemic while on iron supplements? Or is it just stress? The birds are singing their morning song and the forest smells of autumn - damp and pine and funghi and coolness. What smell does coolness have? I don't know, I can't describe it but it's there.

16 October

I didn't get out yesterday, too busy and the dog really missed it (she got walks with mum and boys). She was asking me well into the evening. It was a glorious day too so it would have been love. Nearly full dark at 7 now though so no chance. It's dull with a slight breeze and a hint of rain today. Mostly all I can hear are crows with the odd cheep of other birds. The leaves are flying off the birches.

17 October

Cold and clear and dry. It'll be glorious today once the sun leaves the clouds. Birds are tweeting and the odd crow cawing.

18 October

First proper autumn frost and its beautiful!

22 October

Clear with cold breeze. 1st day back at school

26 October

Been an awful and wonderful week! Bitterly cold wind today. I hear there's sleet in the North. Its bright and sunny as well though

27 October

Cold, clear and still. Frost on the ground and it's stunningly beautiful in the bright sunlight.

And I forgot to write! I think my phone was out of battery. The other day, I was lucky enough to see a wren! I was v. chuffed.

I went over the line to the other woods today. Weirdly, it's much windier over there.

28 October

Stunning morning. Bright, glorious sunshine and still but it's bitterly cold. It was well below zero and there's a hard frost. It'll melt off later as there is still warmth in the sun but not yet. It's 10 to 8 on a Sunday morning and I have the woods to myself. Happy! First outing this autumn for the fleecy leggings!

29 October

Beautiful birthday morning! Very, very cold last night. It was -3 when I took Cal to school this morning. Wood is full of rustling as the leaves fall like rain from the trees. Happy birthday to me!

30 October

Twilight walk today, it's been a busy one and this is the first chance I've had. It's damper today and less cold but just as still. Wild showers have been passing through all day. All I can hear is the racket the geese are making at the wee lochan over the railway line.

1 November

Glorious morning. Cool, slightly foggy and bright sunshine. There's a weird smell of fireworks/cordite. It rained v heavily overnight and everything is wet and glistening.

2 November

Another beautiful morning, I walked right round. Moe chased a squirrel which chittered at us. It was never coming down so she could chase it properly but she had a go anyway!

5 November

Misty moodiness

Soft autumn colours

Clack of golf balls

Pattering of drips of water from trees

Tweet of the occasional bird

Hum of traffic

Warmth of all November air

The quiet flutter of leaves unable to cling onto tired branches

Browns and greens of dying bracken

I'm out of 9lace with my red jacket, dress and sharp, edgy anxiousness

As the soft footsteps of my boots on pine-needled earth turn to the crunch of footsteps on gravel

Maybe I fit with the dog poo bag hung on a tree, the litter scattered on the paths, the branches torn off by kids, the burned and the broken.

8 November

Cold and damp. Very chilly. I've already done 4 trips to Cupar (it's nearly 2pm) and back today and I'm shattered!

11 November

First day out here in a couple of days. Its morning and damp and cool and still. It has rained heavily overnight and the ground is soft underfoot. The colour are lovely. Most of the big beeches have lost their leaves. Only the birches still retain theirs and give lovely splashes of yellow amongst the dark brown of trunks and green of pines. The ground underfoot is coloured by the russet of beech leaves, the green of moss and the green/brown of dying ferns. It sounds like it is raining but it isn't. Just residual drips coming off the leaves.

12 November

Similar weather to yesterday, also v wet overnight. Bigger fungi are disappearing in favour of smaller ones. Ladybirds are hibernating.

14 November

Very wet and windy (but not cold). I'm not a fan of Scottish horizontal rain! It's no wonder I have the woods to myself!

15 November

What a beautiful morning! Warm, sunny and no wind. It feels like spring! The world is going to hell Brexit-wise (Raab resigned) but at least its beautiful still.

19 November

Dull chill November day. First time out in a couple of days.

20 November

Raw and cold Eastern wind. Wet too though it is not currently raining. It is a slightly brighter day and I feel more positive as a result

22 November

It looked dull and misty from outside so I thought, “oh, I might get some atmospheric shots.” I failed to realise it was also raining! It's dark enough that I am having to use twilight settings on my camera! Chill as well. A proper November day!

23 November

So thoroughly fed up with rain.

30 November

Haven't written for a week although I have been in here off and on. It's rained heavily every day, frequently torrential and always icy. Wild winds too. Like the weather we usually get in October has been pushed on a month. Mum has been in hospital with a tumour flare up and Calum has had a mental breakdown (it makes me want to cry writing that. He's 12 FFS) so it has been a busy and very emotional week.

I've just seen 3 deer. If. It wasn't for that ridiculous white tuft of fur on their rear, they'd have been able to get away more easily. I don't know what advantage it gives them.

2 December

Utterly still and pretty silent. Except for the crows and man made noise.

3 December

Beautiful morning. Bright clear winter light, very still and chill but not outrageously cold. There is a frost on the ground but it'll vanish once the sun comes up.

4 December

Out before dawn. It’s very cold and sparkling and lovely in the torchlight. Birds are just waking up. It will be glorious when the sun comes up

6 December

Dull, cool and still. Birds v quiet, all I can hear are human noises. Woods are dark, slightly misty and mysterious. It suits my mood after terrible news about mum yesterday.

9 December

I’ve been out in the woods before today but haven't felt like writing. Too much to think about. We have a solution for Calum though and I am so relieved.

The woods are still this morning, with only traffic sounds and the occasional bird chittering. No humans spotted as yet.

13 December

Been out but not had inclination to write. Dry and not too cold but the wind is icy. Plants are dying back and the wind is pretty icy.

29 December

Its been longer than I thought! Lots of dull, cloudy, warm days. Bizarre for this time of year, around 8 to 10 degrees in Christmas day!

Quick walk out with the kids (and Calum!), quick because I am full of the cold and feel awful but it's glorious! Sun is warm and springlike, there's a light breeze and the birds are tweeting like they're full of the joys! October, November and December Gallery: https://www.copperbeachphotography.scot/a-year-in-the-forest-current?lightbox=dataItem-jqexqk8v