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Woodland Diary - July, August and September

9 July 2018

Cooler! Thank goodness. None of the stifling heat of the last few weeks. Not cold but better

12 July

Its been raining. 1st in weeks. Forest smells beautiful. Fresh and pine

13 July.

Still but not quiet. Jackdaws and crows are having a riot! Cloudy but not cool. Waay too hot in my t shirt and hoodie. The forest is humming with insects

14 July

Very, very hot again. The rain from the other day is a distant memory

15 July

Hot still and so muggy but its RAINING! WOOHOO. Have my waterproof on but I'm too hot. Petrichor and the smell of pine. Lovely.

16 July

Hot, damp and humid. Phone app says 75% humidity and it feels like it.

18th July

Rained overnight. Niall warned there might be mud but I should have known better. Ground is bone dry and all water soaked up

19th July

Hot, hot, hot. Supposed to rain heavily tonight. The ground certainly needs it though I don't know enough about how grasses cope with drought to know whether they'll survive or whether they're dead completely. I heard yesterday that farmers are already having to use their winter feed for the cattle because there's no grass now. That's potentially catastrophic.

20 July

It's been raining! They're are actual puddles and everything! Stopped for the moment but warm and very muggy (85% humidity). The fungi will love this! Somnolent, that's how it (and I) feels.

21st July

Still and quiet and damp. Beautiful

22nd July

Its that day of the year when you wake up and it feels autumnal for the first time. I don't know what it is, quality of light? Smell in the air? There's plenty of summer to come but for now a hint of autumn.

26th July

We've been in Belfast for a brief family holiday. I've missed my woodland walks and it feels like I have been away for ages! I expected the woods to look different but they don't really.. I thought the dampness of last week would have led to more fungi growth I've seen nothing yet.

29th July

Raining and raining hard. If I hadn't spent yesterday getting soaked in Edinburgh, I'd be loving this. We need it badly.

30th July

Dry and sunny but the ground is still damp. The heat is bringing out the smell of the pines. Lovely.

31 July

Back to Scottish summer weather - cooler and damper and lovely.

1 Aug

Light rain, my behind! Never trust weather forecasts!

5 Aug

Hot and muggy. What a beautiful morning. I may still be drunk

6th Aug

Lovely cool breeze, takes the edge off humidity. More hints of autumn in the air. (and I wasn't still drunk yesterday!)

10 Aug

Definitely autumnal. Chill in the air this morning (it's fantastic after all this heat!) and leaves just beginning to turn, ever so slightly. Still going to be a warm, muggy day though i think. I am still hearing lots of insects whining, mostly around beech trees. I'm not sure why that is.

11 Aug

Warm and sunny and pine smelling. No wind at all. It's the dogs second walk of the day but despite that, she barking like a lunatic. She's shot off now and all I can hear above birdsong is her feet drumming on the dry earth.

13 Aug

Almost no animal noises. All I can hear is rain and human noises, the train, the railway alarm and cars. All is still and quiet. There is a strong smell of wet earth.

14 Aug

Hot, muggy and still.

15 Aug

Warm and muggy still but more of a breeze which makes it more pleasant. Kids back to school today and leaves fairly turning. Autumn is on its way! There's a very annoying beeping echoing across the village.

<10 mins later>

No breeze in woods. I'm melting!

16 Aug

Bright and breezy. Its been like April today with scattered showers. I'm without my camera still (3 days now) and I feel like I'm missing a limb! Despite definite autumnal feel, I can still hear crickets.

17 Aug

Windy and dull with a hint of rain in the air. The forest is pretty silent at this time of day (4pm), not many birds singing. This is the dogs 3rd walk and she's running around like a lunatic, almost like it's her first!

18 Aug

Sad/happy walk today. The day of Runrig’s last concert 😢 damp but warm and no wind. Did the top woods today for the first time in weeks. They smell of fungi 😁.

19 Aug

Twilight walk. All is still and quiet except the crows. Its drizzling, steady fall of fine raindrops, and it suits my mood. The concert last night was fabulous and heartbreaking. The music was awesome but the band cried and we cried and I'm still crying. It feels like a bereavement. I remember take that breaking up and laughing at those upset, saying I'd never do that but here I am. It's not the same though. These are not pretty boys that I'm in love with these are like family members with their music embedded in my soul and identity. I can't believe there will be no more.

20 Aug

Morning walk. It's quiet (well, apart from traffic noise and the odd bit of birdsong), still, damp and cool. Fungi are popping up all over the place, overnight everything changes! I'm less distraught after a decent night's sleep so I guess it's all good. Still very sore though. I wish I had noticed when the tapping of the woodpeckers had stopped. I hear one again today though.

21 Aug

Busy day, it's evening and this is the first time I've had a chance to get out. Very hot and humid but there's a breeze. Hurray!

22 Aug

Sunshine! It's been damp and murky for so long, it is nice to see it!

24 Aug

Back to normal! I have my old camera (Fuji still being fixed) and headphones. Colder walk this morning. The sun is warm but the wind is cold!

Beautiful walk this morning, cold and torrential rain this afternoon…!

Half way through evening walk and guess what I saw? I saw a fox! So delighted! 😁😁

25 Aug

Beautiful sun but ohh its cold.

26 Aug

Wet again. Saw some fab deep purple fungi though

27 Aug

Stunning morning - warm and dry with a nice breeze scented with pine. Beautiful

28 Aug

Warm and breezy. Helicopter overhead

30 Aug

That quiet, still quality before heavy rain comes. Its been warm and sunny most of the day. (there was no rain).

31 Aug

Cool and warm and clear and still. The air smells beautifully autumnal.

2 Sept

1st walk in a couple of days as I've been in Braemar. I love my woods but it really needs a sparkling river! I've missed it though. Very, very hot today. I'm melting! Birds singing and lots of people the woods. I'm looking forward to it tomorrow when I have it to myself again! I've seen a brown puffball which is new!

3 Sept

Damp, smirry day which is leaving beautiful water droplets on the leaves and spiders webs. Gorgeous.

4 Sept

How can such a damp, soggy day lead to such a glorious Morning? Mist and shafts of sunlight and breath clouding in the air. Beyond words really. It feels like the first day of full. Sun in the year rather than one of the last.

6 Sept

Beautiful day which soothes the soul after a horrific week personally. Sun is out, the birds are singing, it's warm and there's not a breath of wind.

9 Sept

There is a wind and the pines are roaring. Lovely.

11 Sept


12 Sept

Blustery and sunny and rainy. Beautiful rainbows.


Visually pleasing date. Its so so HOT! Very damp and smirry but my goodness, so warm. The funghi will love this. Damp, warm and still at the start of my walk, wild, windy and stormy at the end. This feels like storm downdraft.

19 Sept

Wet but calm cycle in the morning, I was soaked to the skin, and wild evening walk after the wildest storm all year.

20 Sept

Calm & quiet. Chilly this morning but warm now (5.05pm)

Very, very still. So many pine needles down that the paths look like a yellow and brown carpet. Niall says lots of trees down but I haven't seen any yet.

21 Sept

Still, sunny but chilly. Chirping of birds against the hum of traffic and the wail of a siren.

Lots of little branches down which are making the path difficult.

22 Sept

Beautiful, hot autumn day. What a lovely walk. Bit amazed to hear a grasshopper and the broom seeds still popping. And see damselflies!

23 Sept

Beautiful sunshine with a cold, clear wind. I'm glad I have my layers on!

26 Sept

What an amazing walk! Wildly windy (leaves and needles are fairly coming off!) but so so warm.

28 Sept

Sound of geese, cawing of rook, tapping of Woodpecker and.chill.of first frost. Tang of autumn coming in to winter.

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