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What have I learned?

So i have reached the end of the Year in the Forest, my first major project, and what have I learned?

The first thing is not to over estimate what i can achieve! I aimed to blog daily with a photograph as well as text and I have taken small video and audio clips along the way that I had intended to use as well. There was no way i was going to be able to keep that up, especially this year where I have been dealing with seriously ill family members as well as the usual day to day stuff and my own health. Secondly, in Spring, I shifted the goalposts. I decided that instead of just taking one single snapshot of each day, I would try and catalogue all the plants and creatures that I came across. This more than quadrupled the amount of photographs that I took and had to edit and cull. Of the shots i took, I have kept about a quarter. Thirdly, i think i should have planned more little projects to keep me going and give a bit of variety, especially in the last month or so when the weather was dull and grey and there was little natural inspiration.

Fourthly, I have not depicted a vitally important group - the dog walkers and recreational users and the interaction between these and the natural world.

However, that aside, I have enjoyed this year. I have loved learning more about the woods and have formed a strong bond with the area. Were I able to, I would contact the Forestry Commission about maybe publishing them or doing an exhibition but I can't, not with everything that is going on.