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Spring - April to June 2018

I love spring, it’s my second favourite season. During these months, this project became more directed and focused. I decided that instead of just observing and noting whatever caught my eye, I’d be much more proactive and try and catalogue as much as I could of the plants and animals I saw, although I have very quickly realised it is a fools errand! As much as I could capture, I knew there were thousands of plants and creatures that I couldn’t possibly documentl principally, most of the insects and nearly all of the birds. I can hear a beautiful chorus of birds every time I’m in there but, apart from the crows and pigeons that I have spotted (but barely been able to photograph), they’re all up in the canopy. I’ve got around that by periodically taking audio recordings and using a bird recognition app to identify them. I haven’t yet worked out how to put them onto this website but its on the to do list. As for the insects, I just decided I’d capture as many as I could, it has certainly been a bumper year for them!

Anyway, spring. It’s been amazing watching everything appear as if by magic, watching them slowly develop and change. It was a stunning May as well, with weeks of beautiful sunshine. I was still able to roam all over the woods for most of it but as May turned to June, that had to stop as the ferns very quickly got bigger than me!

Other thing that radically changed my project in spring was that I finally got adapters for my fuji camera so I could go back to my vintage lenses. From April onwards, this project has been als to entirely shot onvintage glass.

Here are some of my favourites, I hope you enjoy!